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ISC Results 2013-2014. more.  
Felicitation of Lilavatibai Podar School students at Scholarship Programme 2014 by Hindustan Times. more.  
Mrs. Norina Fernandes receives Derozio Award. more. 
SHELL Junior National Science Scholarship Exam in association with the BRITISH COUNCIL. more.  
Earthian Award to Lilavatibai Podar School, Santacruz. more.  
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Lilavatibai Podar School has been awarded the Best Eschool award in Digital Learning at the World Education Summit (WES) held in New Delhi on 23.07.2012. more.
Lilavatibai Podar Senior Secondary School proudly announces their National Winner for Best Painting Ms Jemima Jacob of Std. XII. more.
Lilavatibai Podar is now an ISA SCHOOL more...

Lilavatibai Podar Senior Secondary School today, is co-writing the future with its students. Podar's rich· experience and expertise of over eighty years have translated into valuable pedagogical insights and skills.

Given that the twenty-first century will see the emergence of a global society, I firmly believe that co-existence between mankind and nature, as well as between diverse cultures, will be indispensable for peaceful and sustainable development anywhere. This is why we are promoting positive attitudes to provide equal opportunities, regardless of gender, race, disabiIity or social background.

Lilavatibai Podar Senior Secondary School will be an institution nurturing the young talents, creating new academic discipline, understanding each other's cultures and ways of life, in pursuit of goals that are common to all mankind.

Individual success comes when one works in harmony with the society and the world.

I heartily welcome students who have a desire to reach new heights academically and personally to Lilavatibai Podar. 'Every chiId is important here'.